"Training for Life"

"Mark’s training goes beyond helpful pointers. He works with you to develop a system for improved speaking I will use the rest of my life." – Jack Shellard, Founder/Yankee Business Solutions

"Fantastic Presentation"

"Mark, the reaction to your presentation was fantastic! Your insightful comments were right on target." -- Dr. Ross Thomson, Networking Event Chair

Dazzling Reviews for Mark!

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More Testimonials and Venues Tape

  NYS Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference
  Topic: Public Speaking is a Super Power
"I will definitely look at things differently when preparing for a presentation" - attendee

"Loved his humor and his giggle. Made me laugh." - Deb, attendee

"I am currently mentoring a new employee. This really gave me great tools to help her."
- Holly, attendee
  Capital Region Assn. for Talent Development
  Topic: Workplace Culture
  "Mark did an excellent job as moderator of our panel discussion on workplace culture."
--- Candice Hunt, President, CRATD
  Toastmasters Regional Conference - District 53
  Topic: Fabulous First Impressions: Put More Punch in Your Networking
  "We can't say enough about our speaker Mark Grimm. Some are calling him the
"Awesome-Nator" for his performance last night. --- Val Albert, Lt. Governor, District 53, Toastmasters International
  First Investors Corporation
  Topic: Better Speaking Means More Business
  "Mark was a great success. His activities were interactive, challenging and fun. I've since observed three attendees as emcees or main speakers. Each is much improved. I strongly recommend Mark to any person or organization interested in crafting a better image, a better brand or improving public speaking." - Jay Stainsby, VP-Sales Leadership Development, Cetera Investors
  Ballston Spa National Bank
  Topic: Customer Service with No Limits
  Attendees' Feedback:

1-"Mark's enthusiasm is very infectious"
2-"Great takeaways on customer service. Liked how stories were tied into presentation."
3-"I really learned a lot. Wish it was longer!"

  Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Assn
  Topic: Customer Service and Advocacy
  Attendees' Feedback:

"I've been going to these conferences for years. Mark was tops!"
--- Floyd Carman, Town of Belmont Treasurer and Tax Collector

  American Institute of Architects of NY State
  Topic: The Blueprint for Media Success
  Attendees' Feedback:

1-"You pulled it all together in a way that will be very useful to
our organization and to my own practice. Thanks!"
2-"We can use this immediately in our publications, newsletters and discussions."
3-"Presentation was clear & effective and encouraged interaction."

  Rotary Club of Albany
  Topic: How to Increase Club Membership
  Attendees' Feedback:

1-"Mark brought a freshness and new perspective on the chronic problem of dwindling membership."
2-"Great tips on "how to be short and precise about telling your story."
3-"Strong advice on "how to think differently in order to grow."

  Financial Planning Assn of NE NY Symposium
  Topic: Boost Your Clarity for Clients and Prospects
Attendees rated Mark 3.83 out of 4.0 overall on their evaluation sheets. Four comments:

"1- Great feedback about your session. You should be incredibly proud!"
- Walt Klisiwecz, MBA, CFP® - Symposium Chair
2- "A powerful, yet common sense reminder of how people think."
3-"Super. Have him back!"
4-"Very informative and entertaining."

  Small Business Albany Showcase
  Topic:How to Dazzle Your Prosepctive Employer!

Attendees' Feedback:
1-"Man, Mark killed it. Energy, advice ---- awesome!"
2- "This will be so useful to me in my job search. Thank you, Mark!"

  Career and Tech Educ. Technical Assistance Center of NY
  Topic: Rise to the Top with Better Elevator Speech

Attendees' Feedback:
1-"Great information on strategies to build relationships"
2-"We will use Mark's tips to create our message to promote our area"
3-"Learned the “WHY” is the center of our growth effort"

  NY State School Facilities Management Institute
  Topic: Become More Comfortable When Presenting

"I was given an insight into speaking I had not heard before."
- Tom Billza, Eastern Suffolk BOCES

"Learned how to be more confident when speaking to groups. Will use this info at next board meeting." - Ed Penny, Norwood-Norfolk Central School District

  Up Your Business Network
  Topic: Why Most People Botch Their Elevator Speech

Attendees rated Mark 3.92 out of 4.0 overall on their evaluation sheets.

"Mark was a powerhouse speaker. We all took away something to elevate our business."
--- Maya McNulty, Group Founder

  Upstate Independent Filmmakers Network
  Topic: Elevator Pitch for Filmmakers

Attendees rated Mark 4.0 out of 4.0 overall on their evaluation sheets.

"Mark was passionate, informed and animated." --- Kathleen C.

  Chartwells: a dining services firm for academia
  Topic: Become A Dynamic Speaker

Attendees rated Mark 4.0 out of 4.0 overall on their evaluation sheets.

"I left feeling energized and excited about my upcoming presentations... I feel as though I have a new approach." --- Alisa Mathis-Peterson
Director of Operations, Chartwells Dining Services, Fulton-Montgomery Community College

  NY State Town Clerks Association - Annual Conference
  Topic: How Clerks Can Utilize Stronger Speaking

“Down to earth” seminar with excellent guidelines to follow. The pointers will certainly prove to be valuable for me. --- Jo-Ann Raia, Huntington Town Clerk

  Saint Gregory's School
  Topic: How to Overcome Fear of Speaking

Received "Excellent" rating from 24 of 25 attendees.
"I learned how to interest the audience and confront my fear."
"The speech was fluent and understandable and I learned a lot."

  NYS Funeral Directors Association Convention
  Topic: Better Communication Means More Business

Rated Very Good or Excellent by 58 out of 61 attendees.
"Beyond Excellent. Kept the Interest!"
"Very insightful, presenter was prepared for funeral industry."

  NYS Association of Supt. of School Buildings and Grounds
  Topic: Boost Your Communication Game

"We received great feedback from our attendees." --- Tink Wright, SBGA President
"Clear, concise. Great points and tools shared. Good interaction with group." - Doug Ackert

  PRSA Northeast District Conference
  Topic: What to Do About Media Bias
From Attendees:
"Very passionate and authentic."
"Great personality! Important messages."

  HR.com International Webinar
  Topic: How to Improve Internal Communications
"Your webcast was excellent. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the IHR community!!" --- Colleen Peck, HR.com Facilitator / Hear Webinar

  Professional Networking Group of Capital Region
  Topic: Fabulous First Impressions
"Everyone walked away with great insight and many new ideas. I'd highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for motivation." --- Candy Marrero, Group Leader

  Project Management Institute Conference - Rochester, NY
  Topic: How to Be a Dynamic Speaker
From Three Attendees:
"Told a story, engaged audience. Could not believe 1:15 had gone by!"
"Interactive presentation, good videos, humorous delivery with good content."
"Great tips. Entertaining and engaging speaker."

  Albany Metro BNI chapter
  Topic: A Better Elevator Speech Can Get You to the Top

"Mark's feedback gave me a better idea of how to focus more on what makes me special."
--- Sharon Einbinder, Interior Designer
"You gave us an effective way to think about what we want to get across to people."
--- Susan Schell, Certified Financial Planner

  Joint Chapters Meeting for Credit Unions
  Topic: Presentation Tips for Telling Your Story

"I rate Mark tops! His enthusiasm gave me pause to think how can I excite others?"
--- Joe LaCorte, Marketing Director
"Reinforced our values and challenged us to think out of the box."
--- Jenny Rivera, Hudson Heritage FCU

  Project Management Institute Leadership Conference
  Topic: Better Communication = Better Leadership

"Wow! I heard no less than a dozen positive comments from our attendees."
--- Tim Christensen, Event Host
"Wish I heard this before my last presentation." Sue Dunckel, PMI Michigan

  Credit Union Association of NY Annual Convention
  Topic: Wow Them! Take Your Public Speaking to the Next Level

Mark was "interesting and easy to follow. A lot of great information."
---Barbara Dillon, CEO, SUNY Geneseo FCU

"Energetic, thoughtful, meaningful content"- Jack Shellard, Cap Region FCU

  BNI Crossroads Connections
  Topic: How To Make a Powerful 60-second Pitch

From Attendees' Evaluation Forms:

I got three clear points that I can take to the bank." - Schuyler Hatt
"Entertaining but to the point, inspirational, passioned." - Daria S.

  Schenectady Business and Professional Women's Club
  Topic: Everyone Can Be A Dynamic Speaker

From Attendees' Evaluation Forms:

The "presentation is perfect the way he presented it." -- Jane Osterhout, Club Pres.
"Mark has great insight to share on speaking. He is fabulous!" -- Heather Peterson

  Northwestern Medical Center / Two-Day Training
  Topic: How To Become A More Dynamic Public Speaker

From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:

"Open discussion format was good. Kept things interesting."
"Mark's genuine enthusiasm draws in everyone in his audience."
"I loved your idea of surverying the audience before presenting."

  Capital Region Women's Council of REALTORS
  Topic: So You Think You're Special: Prove It!
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"Interactive presentation. Not too much or too little. Just right." --- Brian
"Gave me a sense of urgency about completing marketing projects." --- Anonymous
"Gave some great tips and made me think."--- Anonymous
  NY State Training Council - Annual Institute
  Topic: Avoiding the Training Ax: How to Market Training to the Top Brass!
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"To the point - clear, concise! Funny and charming" --- Anonymous
"Enthusiasm. Reminding me to get employee support for my efforts" --- Mike
"Wide knowledge, good points"--- Anonymous
  Upstate NY chapter/Society for Marketing Professional Services
  Topic: Unleash the Dynamic Speaker In You: Less Anxiety, More Business!
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"Good connection with the audience. To the point and precise." --- Baani
"Great job! Comfortable, informative, kind and enjoyable." --- Joanne
"A simple plan to improve effectiveness. Will help me focus more."--- Anonymous
  Guilderland Chamber's Women in Business Group
  Topic: Media and Websites: Marketing for Your Business
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms for Mark and Roger Lipera:
"Loads of good ideas."
"Responded incredibly well to audience needs and questions."
"This could have been an all-day seminar and held my attention!"
  Albany SCORE® Counselors - Presentation
  Topic: How to Stand Out in a Crowd
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"Relevant, practical, and focused. Created energy and generated ideas." --- Bob
"Interesting and to the point." --- Don
"Your concepts will be most helpful when I deal with clients again." --- Harvey
  NYS Training Council -- Annual Institute Keynote Speech
  Topic: Everyone Can Become A More Dynamic Speaker
From Three Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"Very clear and concise. I left feeling that I could really be a more effective trainer."
"Great audience contact. A lot of compassion and passion."
"The presentation was both practical and inspirational."
  Greater Capital Association of Realtors® - Young Realtors Group
  Topic: Want to Stand Out in a Crowd? Have a Plan!
From Attendees' Evaluation Forms:
"Very realistic...gave simple ideas to improve the way I work." --- Mike
"Honest yet not offensive when giving advice." --- Sherri
"The energy level was excellent." --- Steve
  Tech Valley Networking Group - Breakfast Presentation
  Topic: The Power of Clear Communications
    "It was an excellent presentation. Direct and to the point."
--- Kevin Harkins, Group Coordinator
  Albany Job Service Employer Committee (JSEC) Seminar
  Topic: I Want to Work for Them! Build An Employer of Choice Brand
  From Attendees' Evaluations:
"The most interactive meeting ever...All the programs should be this great!" "Wow! Great ideas. Wonderful examples. Extremely enthusiastic presenter." "Best presenter yet at the JSEC meetings."
  Hudson-Mohawk ASTD Regional Trainers' Conference
  Topic: How To Become A Dynamic Speaker!
  "Very motivational and personal. Really hits home." --- Attendee Evaluation
"Mark was absolutely terrific!" --- Denise Mallow, ASTD chapter past president "Thank you! Very Helpful! More, more, more!!" --- Attendee Evaluation
"Wonderful, well prepared, concise, and funny." --- Another Evaluation
  Guilderland Chamber of Commerce: Lone Rangers Meeting
  Topic: Get Noticed By The Media: Inside Tips from the TV Anchor
  "What a great presentation. I'm glad we made it! --- Marty Delaney, President - Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce
  American Marketing Association - Siena College Chapter
  Topic: How to Land The Big One: Effective Marketing Tips
  "The emphasis on clarity and relevance was really huge for me." --- Attendee
"You went into depth about exactly what I wanted to know." --- Attendee" "Charismatic personality held my attention." --- Attendee
  ADFACS Business Expo
  Topic: Get Notice By The Media: Inside Tips from the TV Anchor
  "Good practical stuff. Approachable, knowledgeable presenter." ---- Loretta
"Mark lived up to his teaching --- simple and clear." --- Renee (attendees)
  International Association of Administrative Professionals
  Topic: Communicating With The Boss: Build Your Case With A Plan
  "Useful information that can be applied immediately" --- Roz (attendee)
  Troy's CCHS Career Day
  Topic: Careers in Communications 
  "Mark brings such excitement to all that he does." --- Sister Monica, Program Host  
  U-Start (Union College technology business incubator)
  Topic: How To Get Media To Notice You: Inside Tips From The TV Anchor
  "Concise, understandable, and useable format. You nailed it with the audience. Excellent work!" ---- Lisa Stratton, then Dir./Media and Public Relations, Union College 
  Latham Rotary Club - Lunch Speaker
  Topic: "Blast Away That Knot In Your Stomach: Become A Dynamic Speaker"
  "Enthusiasm, Clarity, Simplicity --- all were very evident!" ---- Attendee Evalulation 
  Schenectady Torch Club
  Topic: Media Bias: How to Spot It and What to Do About It
  "Enjoyed your talk very much. It was well received and the active participation it sparked was tremendous!" ---- Peter Meenan, VP, Schenectady Torch Club
  Panelist at Bryant & Stratton "Networking Fair 2004"
  Topic: How to Network
  "The reaction to your presentation was fantastic!...Your insightful comments were right on target." ---- Dr. Ross Thomson, Event Chair
  Albany Law School & Assn. of Legal Administrators Conference
  Topic: Marketing Begins With You: Become A More Dynamic Communicator
  "Both informative and well presented. Great energy level!" --- Attendee Evaluation
  Guilderland Chamber's "Lone Rangers" Meeting
  Topic: "The Nuts & Bolts of Low-Cost Marketing"
  "One of the most dynamic and informative presentations we've ever had."
--- Roger Lipera, Lone Rangers Coordinator
  ADFACS Business Expo Seminar
  Topic: Nonprofit doesn't mean noncoverage: Key Media Tips
  "You gave me a real insight into my weaknesses in communicating our complex messages." --- CEO, Capital Region Nonprofit
  HOBY Youth Forum
  Topic: "How Far Is Too Far in Political Advertising?"
  Sales and Marketing Executives of Eastern NY Lunch
  Topic: "Leadership and Communication"

Dear Mark:

You were very personable and I came away from the evening with more confidence. I purchased your book and read it that night. Very interesting and right to the point!!

I was a nervous wreck with the thought of getting up in front of a room full of people to accept an award and speak, but your seminar and book gave me the positive attitude I needed.

I got up in front of everyone and used your fabulous advice – “Make it about them and not about you.” I did exactly that and thanked all those in the audience that made it possible for me to do what I was receiving the award for. I kept it brief added some humor and made it about them. It felt GREAT to overcome my fear and I have you and your book to thank for it. --- Susan Rice, Latham, NY