TV Tour

Every semester, Mark took his class on a tour of one of the local TV stations.

Professor Grimm

From 2003 - 2014, Mark was an adjunct professor at the College of St. Rose or Siena College. His courses included:

  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Media Ethics
  • Intro to Electronic Journalism

"I'm so excited by the potential young people have. They can change the world. My great hope is to help them learn more about media so they'll have a better life. "-- Mark Grimm

In a department head evaluation in 2005 at St. Rose, Mark’s teaching was rated in each of five categories in a department review: content mastery, breadth & depth, delivery, teacher-student rapport, and overall rating. Out of a maximum score of 35, Mark received a 35.

Here's some direct quotes from student evaluations:

"You are a great teacher and interesting and entertaining why you do it. You are a good role model for me as a future teacher."
Spring 2013 St. Rose media student

"Best class I have ever taken at Siena."
Ryan Geer, Spring 2012 Siena journalism student

"An amazing experience in a great class with an even better teacher."
Spring 2012 Siena Journalism student

Professor Grimm provided "an enthusiastic, interactive classroom setting."
Spring 2010 Siena Electronic Journalism student

"Great teacher always kept the class positive and interesting. Prof. Grimm is my peep for life."
Fall '09 Siena Electronic Journalism student

"Great with interacting and bringing excitment to the class. Wasn't boring at any point."

Fall '09 Siena Electronic Journalism student

Professor Grimm "was very clear and wanted students to succeed. Very personable and could relate to his students. 3 hour class went by very quickly!"
Spring '09 Siena Broadcast Journalism student

"I enjoyed everything about this class. I recommend it to anyone."
Spring '09 Siena Broadcast Journalism student

"Very down to earth, very approachable and willing to help"
Fall '08 Siena Broadcast Journalism student

"Professor Grimm was funny and interesting and had a lot of enthusiasm. He cares about us and teaching."
Spring '08 Siena Broadcast Journalism student

“It was an awesome class. I learned so much and Professor Grimm was great. He really made the learning fun for us and kept us all interested.”
Spring ’05 St. Rose Mass Media student

“This class has taught me to be creative and daring.
Spring ’05 St. Rose Mass Media student

“Well prepared for class, knowledgeable and entertaining.”
Fall 2004 St. Rose Mass Media student

“He was just full of energy. Loved to teach. Most importantly, he was a great person.
Spring ’04 St. Rose Media Ethics student

“He engaged the class in discussion often but not in a way that made me feel I was on the spot…this class was my favorite.”
Spring ’04 St. Rose Media Ethics student