"Practical Takeaways for Our Lawyers"

"I co-hosted a CLE presentation with Mark at our firm. He was well received and provided very practical takeaways to our lawyers regardless of their practice or experience." – Joseph Casion, Partner
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

"Informative. Great Energy Level"

"Both informative and well presented. Great energy level!" - Albany Law School's Institute of Legal Studies attendee

"Client Building"

"Very good suggestions for client relationship building. Enjoyed it immensely." --- Albany Law School's Institute of Legal Studies attendee

Put Clients and Jurors at Ease

    CLE Communications Training That Works!

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For non lawyers, the law is a little scarey. So your legal expertise is not enough. Clients and prospects have to feel at ease with you first before they make any legal decisions. This special rapport does not ever happen by chance. It's a skill that needs to be developed.

Coaching is key to developing that special skill. It will help attorneys

  • have better one-on-one discussions with clients or prospects;
  • feel more relaxed when speaking before a group;
  • make their points in a brief and effective manner;
  • get more media exposure and avoid the media pitfalls;
  • use interviewing techniques to gain more positive results.

These tailored presentations meet the precise needs of you or your firm.

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