Mark Grimm for Albany County Legislature

"I'll Look Out for You!"

"Mark is the most honest politician I've ever met. He's a problem solver whose energy and positive outlook
is contagious."
--- Anne Tariello
Guilderland resident
for 59 years

Given the nature of politics, it is reassuring to know you can count on someone always being in your corner. I have always looked out for Guilderland residents and businesses and produced strong results.

With your help, I'd like to take that commitment to the Albany County Legislature (29th District).
I want residents to have someone in their corner who has
- blocked big tax hikes
- stood up for reasonable business policies to increase revenues
- been a strong environmental steward
- restored cuts to our seniors, our paramedics and Community Caregivers

My 13 years as a small business owner has required me to manage spending well, be responsive to people's needs and resourceful about helping them. As a former TV news anchor/reporter, I shed a bright light on how government operates and gave people the much needed transparency to make informed choices about how they are represented.

This breadth of experience will strengthen the county legislature.

While other candidates offer you "promises," I offer a record of success.
Please join our effort so you can play a role in shaping your future!

To volunteer or contribute.

About the 29th District...

Mark's district, the 29th Legislative District, is located in the Fort Hunter neighborhood in Guilderland (Carman Road area). It contains seven election districts. That's about a quarter of the town. The incumbent (Lee Carman) is not seeking re-election, choosing instead to run for Guilderland Town Board.
In all, there are 39 districts in the Albany County Legislature.

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* Small Business Background

Mark is a small business owner who has to deliver results for his clients. The same standard should apply to our political leaders. He is also an active volunteer in a number of worthy causes. More about Mark here.

* Strong Town Board Record

In his four years on the Town Board, Mark's persistence led to a long list of accomplishments, many of which would not have occurred had he not been there.